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Developed by Email Security Professionals and Data scientists with decades of experience to make life easier for customers and MSPs alike, Sabiki Email Security is a cloud-native 'built-for Microsoft 365' SaaS solution that protects your organization from Phishing, Spam and targeted scams using the power of a dynamic AI feedback loop engine. Powered by a 'Dynamic' Machine Learning engine in combination with next-generation contextual and behavioral analysis capabilities, Sabiki Email Security provides an incredible level of granularity in engine customization with seamless onboarding and operation. Admins and users alike can train and tune their own custom email security model without the skill or coding experience to be data scientists, we make it simple so your email is more secure.

  • Easy Onboarding with no MX or DNS record changes, no VMs or infrastructure costs, SaaS delivered, API based scanning of email.
  • Pre-trained AI model for out of the box detection uplift for those organizations that keep getting hit by advanced email threats
  • Dynamic AI engine learns on your unique mail-flow using active and passive training triggers controlled by users or administrators
  • Extensive Email administrative tool set, including header and email analysis, and direct seek & destroy of messages in inboxes (no more failed email recalls)
  • Zero disruption and gentle onboarding using 'off mode' to analyze email and pre-train engine before enforcement
  • Role based admin and multi-tenanted capability

All you need to do to get started is to activate the solution using your Microsoft 365 Tenant admin credentials for complete mailbox protection, bolstering the built-in Email security provided by Microsoft 365.

April 15, 2024

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