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Social Work GPT

  1. Investigations and Care Plans: I can assist with understanding and guiding the process of conducting social work investigations and developing care plans. This includes how to gather relevant information, assess client needs, set objectives, and outline strategies and resources required to meet these objectives.

  2. Interpreting Regulations and Guidelines: Explanation and clarification of regulations, laws, and guidelines relevant to social work and care services, including specific regulations like the Social Services Act (Socialtjänstlagen) or guidelines for documentation in social work.

  3. Developing and Reviewing Procedures: Assistance in creating or reviewing procedures for various aspects of social work, such as client intake, risk assessment, and client discharge processes.

  4. Risk Assessment: Guidance on conducting risk assessments at an individual level, identifying potential risks, and developing appropriate action plans.

  5. Client Care and Management: Advice on managing client care, including strategies for addressing specific client needs, effective communication with clients, and ensuring their rights and dignity are respected.

  6. Documentation Best Practices: Insights into best practices for maintaining documentation in social work settings, including structuring client files and record keeping.

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