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Vectara delivers best-in-class LLM Generative AI powered conversational semantic search and question-answering with zero-shot precision through a simple end-to-end API Platform. Delivering cutting-edge NLU (natural language understanding) language agnostic technology with industry-leading relevance via Instant Indexing, Cross Attentional Neural Re-ranking, and Abstractive Summarization. Data is transferred and stored in encrypted form, never used to train Vectara models, and only indexes your own data, all but eliminating hallucination risk via "Grounded Generation" by Vectara.

With a mission is to help the world find meaning through search relevance, Vectara is the Generative AI product platform for companies with moderate to no AI/ML experience who value semantic answer engine relevance leveraging LLMs to power multiple use-cases like conversational AI, question answering, and semantic app search across multiple verticals.

Vectara offers a free forever Growth plan with up to 15,000 queries, 15,000 generative requests per month, and 50 MB account size, as well as a paid Scale plan with additional features. Start your GenAI Platform journey with Vectara!


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