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Quickchat AI - AI Assistants for Your Business

A technology company specializing in building Conversational AI Assistants for Businesses, actively involved in the Generative AI space since 2020.

We believe that AI Assistants are the future of human-machine interfaces and can be leveraged by most innovative businesses to help them scale.

Capitalizing on the rapid development in the Large Language Models (LLM) ecosystem to create AI Assistants that can communicate with humans and perform actions.


Quickchat in numbers

- 3 years of being a leading provider of Generative AI
- 300+ active customers
- 10 million+ messages handled by our AI Assistants
- Continuous Research on cutting-edge LLMs (GPT, Cohere, Claude, etc.)


Quickchat is a fully conversational and Multilingual AI Assistant powered by GPT models such as OpenAI's ChatGPT. Quickchat AI Assistants can recognize and speak your native language. You can use it to automate your customer support, search through your internal knowledge base or enhance your product with voice & audio functionality - possibilities are endless! You can think of it as a truly conversational human-computer interface. Implement it on your website, if you want to:

👂 Learn from your customers,
🤖 Automate your customer support,
💰 Generate more valuable leads.



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