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SEO tool that uses AI to optimize your Google Business Profile SEO. Respond to reviews, write posts & more with AI!

This extension is like ChatGPT for Google Business Profile (GMB) SEO.

Revolutionize your Google Business Profile (GBP) SEO with ProfilePro, the state-of-the-art AI Chrome extension by Merchynt. Drawing on our extensive local SEO expertise, gained from assisting over 50,000 businesses, ProfilePro is the ultimate solution for automating and enhancing your Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business (GMB).

Effortlessly Optimize Your Google Business Profile

ProfilePro's AI-driven features streamline your local SEO efforts, saving you time and money on expert SEO consultations and GBP management services.

With just a few clicks, ProfilePro will:

- Perform automated keyword research tailored for your Google Business Profile
- Recommend an SEO-optimized business description for your business
- Suggest the best business categories for your GBP
- Generate one-click responses to your Google reviews
- Create SEO-optimized Google Business Updates based on your target keywords
- Create AI images to use on your Google Business updates
- Create service & product descriptions optimized for your local SEO keywords
- Answer questions asked on your Google Business Profile
- Much more!

Grow Your Business with ProfilePro

Whether you're a business owner looking to rank higher on Google or a digital marketing agency working on your client's Google profiles, ProfilePro's user-friendly interface is perfect for you. Simply answer three questions, and let our advanced AI optimize your Google Business Profile in no time.

Global Support and Language Compatibility

ProfilePro is tailored to meet the needs of business profiles worldwide, offering support for responses in all popular languages. The app interface is also translated into English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog, Dutch, Korean, German, and Russian.

Exciting Features to Come

We're continually enhancing ProfilePro with features like:

- White labeling options for agencies
- Full local SEO reports with CSV export capabilities
- Support for additional languages
- Responding to customer reviews in bulk

Get in touch with Merchynt at profilepro@merchynt.com for feature requests or inquiries.

Discover More

Explore Merchynt at www.merchynt.com and learn more about ProfilePro at www.merchynt.com/profilepro.

Privacy and Terms

ProfilePro requires you to log in with the Google account managing or owning your Google Business Profile. We may store your email address for a seamless experience and occasional informational emails, which you can opt out of anytime. By using ProfilePro, you agree to our Privacy Policy (https://www.merchynt.com/privacypolicy) and Terms of Use (https://www.merchynt.com/profileproterms).

*Note: The correct name of this Chrome extension is "ProfilePro" not "Profile Pro"


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