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Meet Pria! A Generative AI-powered virtual mentor programmed to help students, faculty, and researchers with their digital education, research, and career goals. Try Pria for free at https://www.HiImPria.ai. Pria is an Augmented Intelligence (A/I) Mentor = Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence. She operates inside any online learning platform or cloud-based app. Pria uses natural language processing to understand questions and machine learning / Large Language Models (LLM) to engage in conversations for discovery and refinement. AI is amazing but it is not perfect. If Pria doesn’t have the answer, there is a network of expert human mentors to back her up. Pria can also provide personalized instruction, assess student progress, and provide feedback as needed. She provides advice on a wide range of topics, including help with course content, coding advice, research assistance, career guidance, and personal development. She can also provide students with personalized recommendations and resources to help them reach their goals. As an A/I-powered virtual teacher, Pria can supplement traditional teaching methods and provide 24×7 support for online instruction.


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