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Msgmate.io is a software service that offers enhanced and customizable chat experience using GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) in your favorite messenger.

The AI tool integrates other AI tools and offers APIs for developers to use chat GPT to interface with their own applications. With Msgmate.io, users can ask general questions, generate images, make reminders, and more.

The tool boasts of fast and accessible chat message responses, with response speed of 1-3 seconds for simple question prompts on their Telegram client.

The service is available in alpha and currently supports Telegram and Signal messengers. Msgmate.io offers an anonymized service, meaning users do not need to share their identity information when making API calls.

According to the tool's FAQ section, the platform charges for the usage of API tokens to cover the ongoing server costs and pay for OpenAI API calls. The token pricing is similar to OpenAI's.

Msgmate.io offers integratable APIs that allow users to easily customize promt parameters and save prompt actions for later reuse. The customizable and extendable APIs and actions provide users with an opportunity to tailor the service to be their AI assistant.

The tool offers a showcase action API to interactively generate an image, and a logging feature for users to access the Msgmate online interface. Overall, Msgmate.io is a useful AI tool that enhances the chat experience using GPT, with APIs for developers to integrate with their own apps, customizable and extendable APIs, and fast and accessible chat message responses.

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