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JAMR is an innovative AI-powered platform developed by London-based startup JAMR Technologies LTD.
Founded in 2023, the platform aims to revolutionize the content creation landscape.
Targeted by content creators, freelance brand managers, and advertising agencies, JAMR focuses on customization, impact, and efficiency. The platform is built on three core tools to streamline content creation.
The first tool allows for fast curation of entire content, enabling quick draft generation. The second, the Editor, is for fine-tuning content or specific parts, ensuring precision and quality. The third is a Workflow Editor that automates the production and delivery process across different media and languages with just one click, saving hours of repetitive work and ensuring timely impactful content.
You can try JAMR for free by signing up, with no credit card required until you subscribe.


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I like this new app. Its so easy to use. The best part is the dark theme and smooth interface. I can see myself getting using it often.
August 29,2023
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