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IX Coach is an AI-powered interdisciplinary coaching tool developed by Next AI Labs.

The goal of Next AI Labs is to create AI tools that support human flourishing and find ways to bring AI into the world for the benefit of humanity.

The tool is designed to help users achieve their goals by clarifying the gap between their current situation and their desired outcome, defining a roadmap, identifying obstacles, and navigating them with grace.

It also emphasizes self-awareness and self-coaching, allowing users to explore their inner world, including sensations, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and actions.

By increasing awareness of these aspects, users can make conscious choices instead of automatic responses.IX Coach also aims to expand users' limits by identifying and testing perceived or imagined limitations that may hinder them from living the quality of life they desire.

It encourages users to challenge inner limits learned but not true and redefine their capabilities through their experiences.One notable feature of IX Coach is its adaptive and non-hesitating support.

Users can receive support without hesitation or the need to convince their coach of the possibility or realism of their desires. Additionally, the tool allows users to dream big and connect with their deepest values and aspirations without anyone telling them to be realistic.

Users can clarify their dreams, explore them, and take action towards bringing them to life.

IX Coach offers different ways for users to get started, including a quick start option with a personal interdisciplinary coach named Io, the creation of custom coaching sessions using pre-defined styles, and automated AI roadmap creation for goal setting and achieving milestones.


Coaching for Personal Development Seekers: 

People interested in self-improvement, achieving goals, realizing their potential and living their best lives. This includes those actively pursuing growth as well as those looking to get started.


  • On-demand 24/7 coaching available via chat

  • Covers goal achievement, habit building, productivity, relationships, fulfillment, purpose etc.

  • 1000s of personalized approaches and philosophies to choose from

  • Free trial period to experience benefits

  • Customizable to individual needs and preferences

  • Anonymity for discussing sensitive topics

  • Accessible anywhere via mobile app or web

Unique Value Propositions:

  • Provides instant access to coaching without appointments, travel or high costs

  • AI allows completely personalized interactions tuned to the user

  • Much wider range of philosophies and frameworks than a single coach

  • Always available for real-time support or check-ins

  • Helps unlock inner potential and senses of purpose/meaning

Coaching for Self Awareness Seekers: 

People interested in exploring their spirituality, consciousness, purpose and meaning. IX Coach covers spiritual development approaches that would resonate.


  • Covers many major spiritual frameworks and philosophies

  • Guided meditation and mindfulness exercises

  • Discusses purpose, meaning, self-realization

  • Explores consciousness and existence questions

  • Fosters self-reflection and internal wisdom

  • Anonymity for discussing deep personal journeys

  • Always available for spiritual discussions

Unique Value Propositions:

  • Makes spiritual practice accessible anytime at a fraction of the cost

  • AI allows hyper-personalized guidance vs generic advice

  • No physical spiritual community required for exploration

  • Provides reflection prompts personalized to the individual

  • Helps uncover authentic experience, freedom from causes of stress, self awareness

Coaching For Mental Health Help Seekers: 

Individuals looking for support with mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, low self-esteem etc. The always-available coaching could appeal to those needing regular check-ins.


  • On-demand supportive conversations whenever needed

  • Addresses issues like stress, anxiety, loneliness, self-doubt

  • Coping strategies and emotional intelligence skills

  • Validating and uplifting messaging

  • Always available for venting, reassurance, encouragement

  • Anonymity to discuss challenges freely

  • Tools for thought restructuring and mindfulness

Unique Value Propositions:

  • Provides instant emotional support without appointments or costs

  • Having a compassionate listener 24/7 to turn to

  • More relatable than speaking with a therapist

  • Helps build self-confidence and resilience overtime

  • Healthier outlet than neglecting or repressing feelings



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