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Gen-AI Application Generator with Llama 2

Engage with one of the most capable agents on GitHub, DemoGPT.


You have an idea for an application, but you lack the technical knowledge to bring it to life.

Or perhaps you're a developer, but the difficulties of working with LLMs and their associated best practices feel like learning a new language. 


At this point instead of all these complexity. Just install DemoGPT. Prompt your dream app. And get your fully functional application.

DemoGPT translates your prompts into functional LLM-based applications.


With just a prompt, you can breathe life into interactive Streamlit apps via LangChain's transformative capabilities & Llama 2


Don't miss out! Star DemoGPT on GitHub and experience the simplest path to AI-based application development. Find DemoGPT on GitHub, licensed under MIT.



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