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Accelerate innovation using large language models with Databricks
What are large language models?
Large language models (LLMs) are machine learning models that are very effective at performing language-related tasks such as translation, answering questions, chat and content summarization, as well as content and code generation. LLMs distill value from huge data sets and make that “learning” accessible out of the box. Databricks makes it simple to access these LLMs to integrate into your workflows as well as platform capabilities to fine-tune LLMs using your own data for better domain performance.

Built-in LLMOps (MLOps for LLMs)
Use built-in and production-ready MLOps with Managed MLflow for model tracking, management and deployment. Once the model is deployed, you can monitor things like latency, data drift and more with the ability to trigger retraining pipelines — all on the same unified Databricks Lakehouse Platform for end-to-end LLMOps.


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