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An AI-powered platform for spatial analysts to create, customize and publish interactive maps.

Aino, the Next-Gen GIS for Urban Cartography. 🔷 Revolutionary AI Search Engine. Simplify data gathering from third-party APIs with Aino's no-code solution. Enter natural language queries, and Aino autonomously fetches and integrates data, eliminating the need for extensive preparation. 🔷 AI-Driven Spatial Analysis. Unlock spatial analysis for various applications like urban planning, geo-marketing, and transport analysis. Aino empowers users with easy-to-use interfaces, breaking down the barriers to derive meaningful insights. 🔷 Seamless Collaborative Mapping. Engage in real-time teamwork on projects. Collaborate effortlessly, analyze data collectively, create diagrams, and make annotations with Aino. Experience enhanced productivity in a shared environment.


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