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Altman Seeks to Raise Billions for Network of AI Chip Factories


Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, is actively seeking substantial funding to create a series of semiconductor factories globally, specialized in AI chip production, as per Bloomberg’s recent report.

Key Points:

  • Altman’s strategy includes collaborating with leading chip producers to establish factories across the globe, responding to the increasing demand for computing power.

  • His efforts in chip development faced a temporary halt when he was briefly ousted as CEO in November, but were renewed upon his reinstatement.

  • Negotiations are underway with TSMC, a Taiwanese chipmaker, and affluent investors from the Middle East.

  • The objective of this venture is to reduce dependence on Nvidia and preempt a significant potential shortage in chip supply.


Altman’s aggressive approach is aimed at preventing chip scarcities from impeding AI development. However, competing in the chip industry presents significant challenges, and expanding ties with the Middle East and new ventures might lead to increased scrutiny of Altman and OpenAI.

Meta Has Launched Mosaic-SDF for Generating 3D Shape


Meta’s research team has introduced Mosaic-SDF (M-SDF), a novel 3D format specifically developed to enhance the training of generative AI models for creating unique 3D shapes.

Key Points:

Innovative Shape Representation: M-SDF uses small voxel grids surrounding the surface of a shape, allowing for detailed and efficient capturing of its structure.

Computational Efficiency: This format is designed to be quickly computable, maintaining a low parameter count, and is compatible with high-powered AI models.

Application in Generative AI: The researchers have successfully trained a neural model using M-SDF to generate creative 3D shapes from text inputs.


The introduction of M-SDF marks a significant step forward in the field of 3D modeling and AI. This development not only aids in the efficient representation of 3D shapes but also unlocks new potentials for AI in generative creativity, thereby broadening the scope and capabilities of AI applications in various industries.

Japan’s Award-Winning AI Novel 


Rie Kudan, a Japanese author, has been awarded the prestigious 170th Akutagawa Prize for her novel “The Tokyo Tower of Sympathy,” which uniquely incorporated AI assistance from ChatGPT in its writing process.

Key Points:

AI-Assisted Writing: About 5% of Kudan’s novel was composed using sentences generated by ChatGPT.

Novel’s Plot: The story revolves around an architect, Sara Makina, designing a rehabilitation center for criminals, and Takuto, who is writing Makina’s biography.

Debate in Literary Circles: Kudan’s use of AI has sparked discussions among literary professionals about the role of technology in creative writing.

Recognition: Despite mixed opinions, the novel was celebrated for its quality and relevance in the AI-driven era.


Kudan’s approach represents a significant development in the intersection of technology and literature, reflecting the growing influence of AI in creative fields. Her success with an AI-assisted novel may encourage other authors to explore similar collaborations, potentially transforming traditional writing methodologies and stirring continuous debate in the literary community.


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