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  • Meta’s Open Source AGI

  • BMW Humanoid Factory Robots

  • Contact Lenses to Diagnose Glaucoma

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Meta’s Open Source AGI


Meta, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is significantly advancing in the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and considering its release as open source software. AGI is designed to perform tasks requiring human-like cognitive abilities.

Key Points:

Unified AI Teams: FAIR (Facebook AI Research) and GenAI are merging to focus on AGI development.

Next-Generation AI Model: Meta is developing ‘Llama 3’, backed by a robust compute infrastructure, planning to deploy 350,000 H100 GPUs for enhanced AI capabilities.

AI-Metaverse Link: Zuckerberg envisions AI, especially AGI, as integral to the metaverse experience, highlighting smart glasses as a key interaction tool.

Open Source Strategy: Meta aims to responsibly open source AGI, aligning with Zuckerberg’s vision of open AI technology.

AI Alliance Formation: Meta and IBM have initiated the AI Alliance, promoting an open-source AI approach.

Zuckerberg’s Influence: As the key decision-maker due to his control over Meta’s stock, Zuckerberg’s stance on AGI and its open sourcing is pivotal.


Meta’s commitment to AGI development and potential open sourcing marks a significant step in AI evolution. It reflects a strategic move in the tech industry towards more accessible and collaborative AI technology, potentially shaping the future of AI development and usage.

BMW Humanoid Factory Robots


BMW has formed a partnership with robotics startup Figure to incorporate humanoid robots into their manufacturing processes at their Spartanburg, South Carolina facility. This collaboration is aimed at enhancing efficiency and safety by automating complex, unsafe, or monotonous tasks with advanced robots.

Key Points:

Initial Steps: The collaboration begins with identifying basic robot use cases in automotive manufacturing, followed by training the robots through programming and AI learning.

Targeted Tasks: The agreement initially covers five specific types of tasks, introducing these robots to intricate functions in a phased manner.

Integration into the Spartanburg Plant: These humanoid robots will be integrated into various manufacturing areas, including the body shop, sheet metal, and warehouse operations.

Broader Industry Trend: This move aligns with the automotive industry’s shift towards automation and workforce augmentation, similar to initiatives by Tesla and Honda.

Safety and Efficiency: Figure’s robots are designed for safe operation alongside human workers, focusing on repetitive or hazardous tasks to enhance efficiency and potentially reduce costs.

Service Model Rollout: Initially, Figure will provide the robots as a service to BMW, expanding their use based on performance and return on investment.


BMW’s strategic move, in collaboration with Figure, represents a significant step in integrating humanoid robots into automotive manufacturing. It showcases a progressive approach to production processes, setting a new precedent in the industry for technological innovation and workforce enhancement.

Contact Lenses to Diagnose Glaucoma


Scientists have created contact lenses that can detect glaucoma by monitoring changes in eye pressure. This innovation is crucial, considering the wide

Key Points:

Innovative Technology: The lenses are embedded with microsensors to monitor eye pressure, essential for early glaucoma detection.

Comfort and Data Processing: Designed for patient comfort, these lenses can collect, store, and process eye pressure data.

Broader Potential: Beyond glaucoma, they could be used for detecting other health conditions by measuring eye-based biomarkers like lactic acid.

Commercial Availability: Following further testing, the lenses are expected to be marketed by GlakoLens.


This development represents a major breakthrough in eye health, offering a non-invasive, efficient way to monitor and diagnose glaucoma, potentially changing the landscape of eye care and preventative medicine.



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