Reiki Healing Affirmations

Reiki Healing Affirmations offers personalized, intuitive affirmations, combining spiritual healing, emotional balance, and technology for holistic well-being and

Canadian Finance Advisor

Canadian Finance Advisor is a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed to offer insights and guidance in the realms of personal finance, investment strategies, tax planning, and retirement planning

Magic: The Gathered

Magic: The Gathered “Magic: The Gathered” is your indispensable AI companion for all things Magic: The Gathering. Powered by ChatGPT+, it offers a suite of features to enhance your MTG

Sky Watcher Ai

Sky Watcher Ai is a specialized application or system designed to aid individuals in reporting Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). Its primary focus is on

Nutrition Wizard

Culinary assistant for creative meal planning and recipe

Exchange Rate Analyst

Expert in currency information, exchange rates, and

📖 EduBuddy AI: Your AI partner in Education

Elevate Your Educational Experience with EduBuddy AI: Your AI Partner in Education. EduBuddy AI stands as a comprehensive solution for both educators and students. Revolutionize the way you teach and

Stable Diffusion API

API Builder

What should I watch?

Find movies and tv shows to watch based on your taste and preferences, goodbye decision


An assistant to help you discover content and find the details hidden behind texts. If you’re looking for a concise summary of a book, including its plot, main features, and the topics it