Seabiscuit: Launch Lander

Get tailored advice for launching, promoting, and scaling businesses of all types. It covers all stages from pre-launch to post-launch activities. It will develop detailed launch strategies,

Seabiscuit: Maverick Market Maker

Provides detailed market analysis, including insights on total addressable market, key market segments, growth trends, opportunities, and PESTLE analysis, tailored specifically to your

SEO Assistant Pro

As SEO Sage, I specialize in enhancing your website’s visibility in search engine results. I offer tailored guidance on keyword research, helping you find the most impactful keywords for your


A on-demand Chief Product Officer that helps you draft and improve your PRDs, while coaching you to become an elite product

FREE AI Subreddit Moderator Assistant

The FREE AI Subreddit Moderator Assistant is an innovative, AI-driven tool designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Reddit community moderation. It offers automated content creation,

Audience researcher

Audience Researcher, a Multi-lingual GPT, assists in audience research, guiding users through a series of steps to develop a comprehensive audience profile. He asks questions to gather information

AZM (Artificial Zeitgeist Marketing)

As the “Ultimate Marketing Zeitgeist Assistant,” AZM specializes in offering cutting-edge marketing insights, trends, and strategies. With an extensive knowledge base encompassing digital

Leading with Love

Leading with Love GPT: Transforming Leadership and AI Ethics   In a world where technology and human values intersect, Leading with Love GPT offers a revolutionary approach to leadership and AI

Copywriter Assistant

I am here to help improve and refine your

AI Websites

Create and publish a website on a domain with blog/payment/scheduling pages to market your