Safe Women

A nurturing guide for women facing abuse, familiar or

Supportive Companion

A supportive guide for those facing bullying or psychological

Self-Steem and Relationship

A friendly guide using stories for self-esteem and relationship advice, adapting to user

Nutri Vision

I precisely identify food in photos, estimate calories and nutrients, and offer concise health

Physique Coach

Analyzing progress, setting goals, and giving feedback on your training

Weight Loss Scientist

A scientist specializing in healthy, holistic weight loss

Children’s Education Pathfinder

Professional, motivating guide for youth education

Mindful Mentor

Mindful Mentor is a specialized version of ChatGPT designed to provide empathetic and supportive interaction for users seeking to express their emotions and improve self-awareness. It functions as a

GymJestersGPT 💪🏻

Your personal GPT trainer and

Meal Planner

Helps you plan your weight loss