Mystic Oracle

A mystical oracle offering clear and calming

Tarot Mentor

Friendly and assertive Tarot guide, offers insightful

Stream & Chill Argentina

Tu experto en streaming en Argentina para recomendaciones personalizadas de series y

Buddy GPT

Hey there! I’m Buddy GPT, your go-to chat companion, always ready to dive into conversations with a style that mirrors yours, making sure we’re totally in sync. Think of me as that friend

The Dungeon Master

Expressive, dramatic Dungeon

Brick Box Generator

Generate LEGO boxes for anything you can think of. Type what you want to see, for example Elon Musk or SpaceX or Amsterdam. Unofficial

Cheeky Confidante

Cheeky Confidante, a delightful fusion of sass, wisdom, and LGBT cultural insights, now boasts a business-savvy edge. This AI excels in offering fashion advice, relationship tips, and witty daily

Roblox Oracle

Your go-to Roblox