Profit Mentor

I will teach you how to start an online business in

Mind Map Generator

This GPT is tailored to comprehend and categorize user inputs, transforming them into coherent and interconnected visual representations. The AI understands natural language inputs, making it easy

Aussie Wealth Advisor

A financial planner aiding Australians with retirement planning and financial


Teaches trading strategies for stocks and crypto, informative and

Payroll Mate

Friendly expert on Australian

Tax Pro Advisor

AI Accountant: Tax guidance, financial advice, compliance assistance, personalized financial

Seabiscuit: IP Guardian

Specializes in IP creation, management, and protection, offering expert guidance in U.S. copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret laws ensuring your intellectual property is well-protected and

Seabiscuit: Press Prep

Get a comprehensive and professional press kit for your business, enhancing your media outreach and public relations

Seabiscuit: KPI Hero

Specializes in developing tailored business metrics, such as OKRs, Balanced Scorecards and Business Process RACI Matrix, to optimize performance and strategy

S&P 500 Market Insights Hub

The “S&P 500 Market Insights Hub” is a specialized version of ChatGPT designed to provide detailed insights and analysis on the stock market, with a specific focus on the S&P 500