ARTIA- Your Personal Art Valuation Expert

This GPT specializes in giving quick and accurate valuations of paintings, sculptures, digital art, and NFTs, uploaded as an image sample by the user, making it useful for art investment insights and

Empower Responder

Assists women in replying to unsolicited comments with wit and gives legal

Midjourney prompt V6 TOP

prompt generator optimised for Midjourney. It allows you to enter a description to get an optimised prompt or request an image analysis to generate a

Image Describer

Analyzes images and describes in detail how DALL-E interpretate

Seamless Pattern Creator

Specializes in creating and advising on seamless

Fantasy Creature Creator

Imaginative creator of interconnected fantastical

Greeting Card Creator

I create unique and eye-catching digital greeting and gift card

Astrologer Matchmaker

Astrólogo criativo explicando a compatibilidade dos signos do zodíaco nos

Content Craft

I generate high-quality written content for bloggers, marketers, and content

I spy with my little eye 🔍

Play with me and try to decipher the clues to guess what I’m thinking