<FTC’s AI Probe, Dream-Tech Morpheus-1, and Swift’s AI Fakes

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  • FTC Investigates AI partnerships

  • Introducing Morpheus-1 by Prophetic AI: A New Way to Control Dreams

  • Taylor Swift AI Fakes

  • Bonus: 28 Useful Tools 🔥

FTC Investigates AI Partnerships


The FTC is investigating big tech and AI partnerships. This includes deals with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Key Points:

  • The focus is on Microsoft’s deal with OpenAI, and Amazon and Google’s deals with Anthropic.

  • The FTC wants to understand the impact of these partnerships on competition and innovation.

  • They’re checking if these relationships give unfair advantages in the AI market.

  • FTC Chair Lina M. Khan is leading the study to ensure fair competition.


This investigation could reshape the competitive landscape in the AI industry. It’s crucial in understanding big tech’s role in shaping AI’s future.

Introducing Morpheus-1 by Prophetic AI: A New Way to Control Dreams


Prophetic AI has created Morpheus-1. It’s the first device of its kind. It uses AI to help you control your dreams.

Key Points:

  • Morpheus-1 combines machine learning, brain wave data, and sound waves.

  • It comes with a headband that reads your brain waves.

  • The device works all night and connects to an app.

  • The app tracks your sleep and dream data.

  • Beta testing starts this spring.


Morpheus-1 could change how we understand and explore dreams.

It’s a big step in combining AI with brain science.

Taylor Swift AI Fakes


AI Misuse in Fake Image Creation Sparks Alarm. The issue involves fake images of Taylor Swift.

Key Points:

  • AI was used to generate explicit fake images of Taylor Swift on platform X.

  • A post with these images received over 45 million views before it was removed.

  • Swift’s fans are responding by circulating genuine content to combat the fakes.


This situation emphasizes the ethical and legal challenges posed by AI technology. It reflects the need for responsible AI use and the importance of addressing the spread of fake content.



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