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 2024 is set to be an exciting year for AI and robotics. Let’s dive in..

In today’s Generative AI Newsletter:

  • ChatGPT’s New GPT Integration Feature

  • Apple Podcasts Offers AI-Powered Transcripts 

  • Perplexity Now Available in Arc Browser

  • Bonus: FREE AI COURSES 💡

ChatGPT’s New GPT Integration Feature


ChatGPT’s new tagging feature lets you easily incorporate multiple GPT models into your prompts, enriching conversations with diverse expertise. Simply use specific tags in your dialogue to activate this functionality.

Key Points:

Open ChatGPT, type your message, then use ‘@’ to pick a specific CustomGPT. This chosen CustomGPT will understand your previous messages and help you accordingly.


Mentions, a seemingly small update, is actually quite powerful. It transforms chats by enabling the use of multiple GPTs, effectively creating a team of AI experts, all easily accessible with just an ‘@’.

Apple Podcasts Offers AI-Powered Transcripts


Apple Podcasts in iOS 17.4 now offers transcripts for all shows, enhancing accessibility and searchability within the app.

Key Points:

  • The update allows users to read along or search content in podcasts.

  • This feature improves convenience for a wider audience.

  • Part of Apple’s efforts to enhance user experience on its platforms.


This update demonstrates Apple’s commitment to making content more accessible and user-friendly, aligning with broader trends in digital media accessibility.

Perplexity Now Available in Arc Browser


Perplexity AI partners with Arc X to enhance digital content management and search technology. This collaboration combines Perplexity’s AI-driven search tools with Arc X’s robust content system.

Key Points:

  • Aimed at improving information access and management.

  • Leverages AI for more efficient, intuitive information retrieval.

  • Marks a significant advancement in content management and search capabilities.


This partnership signifies a major stride in integrating AI with digital content systems, promising a more streamlined and user-friendly experience in information handling.


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Get to grips with Generative AI, its principles, uses, and how it stands out from traditional machine learning methods.

3️⃣ Build Apps with Azure AI Services and Power Virtual Agents

This course offers a toolkit for building AI-powered apps. You’ll also get to explore chatbots and AI models with Microsoft Copilot Studio.

4️⃣ Introduction to Image Generation

Learn about diffusion models, a game-changer in image generation. The course covers theory, training, and deployment on Vertex AI.

5️⃣ Intro to Artificial Intelligence

This class will teach you the end-to-end process of investigating data through a machine learning lens, and you’ll apply what you’ve learned to a real-world data set.

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