CapGo is an AI-enabled market research tool designed to work seamlessly with spreadsheet software. The tool significantly simplifies market research-related tasks by leveraging the power of advanced


Get instant access to detailed research, SWOT analysis, buyer personas, growth opportunities and more for any product or business at the push of a button, so that you can focus more on strategy and


ResearchGOAT is a platform that utilizes generative AI for in-depth qualitative research. It offers unprecedented speed and genuine insights to help clients understand their customers better. With


No code platform for creating AI powered apps without code. 0

Orchestra AI

Leverages generative AI to spin up and manage digital marketing campaigns; long-form content like blog posts & case studies, social media, email newsletters, on a predictable schedule and budget.


SEO tool that uses AI to optimize your Google Business Profile SEO. Respond to reviews, write posts & more with AI! This extension is like ChatGPT for Google Business Profile (GMB) SEO.


RoboReply is an AI-powered Google Reviews software tool that streamlines the management and response process for Google reviews. By connecting all your Google accounts, it consolidates reviews across


Newtone revolutionizes content marketing creation through a potent amalgamation of AI and collaborative tools. Our platform empowers marketing teams to: 1/ Generate impeccably-branded content in mere