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AIM (AI Instant Messenger) is a chat tool that allows users to converse with an AI chatbot named SmartestChild, which is powered by a Large Language Model (LLM) called Vicuna-13B. The tool is powered


White Label A.I. SaaS by Stammer.ai enables agencies to enhance their profitability by providing tailored artificial intelligence solutions to clients. The tool offers a fully white-labeled dashboard


AskGPTExtension is a mobile app that leverages the power of GPT to enable users to extensively use GPT anywhere on their phones. The app uses Accessibility services to accurately detect editable and


RobojinAI is an AI-powered tool designed specifically for customer support. It seamlessly integrates with popular customer support systems like Crisp Chat, Intercom, and Freshdesk, offering enhanced


SecondBrain.fyi is an AI chatbot tool designed to alleviate the burden of answering repetitive customer queries for website owners. By documenting the required information once, SecondBrain.fyi


goGPTgo is a Chrome extension that offers AI-assisted writing tools to improve your writing. Developed by Landwind, it leverages the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to refine your text, add humor,

Avatars AI Chat

ΛVΛTΛRS ΛI is a personalized AI chat companion tool that offers an interactive and conversational experience. With a wide range of 50+ avatars across 10+ categories, users can choose their


HelloAI is an AI chatbot assistant available for download on the Mac App Store. It allows users to interact with an AI-powered virtual assistant through a chat interface. Users can ask questions, get


PaletteBrain is a tool that integrates with all your Mac applications, allowing you to use the power of ChatGPT to improve your productivity. By pressing a shortcut (⌥SPACE), you can access


Chatcare is an AI-powered customer support tool that utilizes GPT-powered chatbots to enhance the customer support experience. By employing these chatbots, Chatcare aims to optimize efficiency,