We believe everyone in retail deserves an assistant. Profitmind works 24/7 to provide recommendations that map to your business strategy. The easy-to-use software tracks competitors, analyzes your

OneClickJob 360

Xtramile Office Add-in that allows diffusion of job offers on job boards in 1-click With our One Click Job Add-In integrated directly into Microsoft 365 (Word ; Outlook and One Drive), based on


Knowlee, your AI-driven personal assistant, provides tailored insights and streamlines content creation. Dive into the world of personalized data analytics, financial knowledge, and enhanced


A sales enablement platform for B2B enterprise sales teams. Our AI learns from the top 5% of sales people and infuses behaviour change through daily actions to the underperforming or junior sales


Complia harness the power of generative AI to bring this vision to life. Our AI-driven platform serves as the cornerstone of our mission, providing our clients with not just information, but


Iris is the first ever private AI engine designed to automate long question sets like security questionnaires, RFP’s, vendor assessments, and other in minutes and help client facing teams

MOBJAI – Business Predictions in under 60 seconds

Ai Predictions in under 60 seconds If you can Drag & Drop a file then you can create and explore Powerful Analytics & Ai predictions – Drag & Drop; Chat & Explore! Our Mission

AI Strategy Consultant

The AI Strategy Consultant leverages generative AI to optimize strategic planning and execution for organizations. The platform substantially improves strategic planning and execution through


The Ghostwriter OpenAI ChatGPT is a writing assistant that has been introduced for Microsoft Office. It is a revolutionary tool that assists in quickly and accurately putting down ideas on paper. The


Enhance customer and staff engagement with Busi.Chat, an AI-driven tool delivering bespoke business information. Easily deployed in minutes, it offers round-the-clock service to your clients. It can