Akhil – Professional (An AI Voice Published on ElevenLabs for Informational & Educational Content)

Check out my very first AI voice published on ElevenLabs. It represents a young adult working professional with an American accent. Once you sign up on ElevenLabs, preferably with a paid

Slidesgo AI Presentation Maker

Experience the future of presentation design with Slidesgo AI Presentation Maker. Ideal for educators, teachers, students, business professionals, Slidesgo AI Presenation Maker offers dynamic,


UncovAI introduces an innovative platform for detecting Generative AI content, offering a blend of efficiency and sustainability. Instead of relying on resource-intensive Deep Learning models, we


WorkRamp is an AI-powered Learning Management System (LMS) designed to facilitate both employee and customer learning. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of products, including the WorkRamp


Engram is an AI-powered grammar checker tool designed to improve written English. Propelled by ChatGPT, it provides assistance in correcting errors concerning grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word


Talk to PDF is an AI-powered tool designed to make document reading more interactive and engaging. This tool brings documents to life by converting them into smart, engaging chats that users can


Seamless is an AI-driven tool designed to facilitate and accelerate the process of drafting literature reviews for scientific research purposes. By using advanced AI technology, it assists users in


NotebookLM is an advanced note-taking tool which utilizes artificial intelligence to provide a personalized research assistant. Uploading relevant documents turns NotebookLM into an expert on the

Dash AI

Dash AI is an Enterprise AI Knowledge Assistant developed by Dashworks. It’s primarily designed to expedite the discovery of internal company information using AI-powered search functionality.


LeadWise leverages the power of cutting-edge AI technologies seamlessly blended with human expertise to make management training and leadership development accessible to everyone. LeadWise provides