Jetbot AI

Optimise your business’s workflows with AI chatbots for customer service, sales and internal support. We offer fully managed AI chatbots that are easy to implement at very competitive rates. Why a


We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses interact with customers, moving beyond the constraints of conventional customer service tools. With Qualimero, we’re merging the

Safar-Saathi : Your personal AI-trip Planner to Make Travel Planning Simple.

Safar Saathi addresses the common challenges faced by travelers when planning a trip. In a world where travel is a blend of passion and necessity, our AI-powered platform revolutionizes the way


Aidify is your ultimate e-commerce accelerator! This cutting-edge AI-powered chatbot provides round-the-clock customer support, boosting sales and enhancing loyalty like never before.    


PDF GPT a game changing tool that can 10X your reading speed and boost your productivity. 1. Upload a PDF in any language Books, research papers, legal documents, academic journals, textbooks,


Quixl is your curated AI App hub. Cut through the clutter of endless AI options with Quixl, your one-stop shop for pre-built, function-specific applications. Access them all from a single platform.


ChatMaxima is an AI-driven conversational marketing platform aimed at transforming business communication and boosting sales. It provides an array of features such as business messaging, shared


AgentX is an AI Agent Chatbot Build Platform designed to help users construct, adjust, deploy, and integrate AI Agent Chatbots. This platform provides an accessible way to harness artificial


LiveChatAI is an AI tool designed to enhance your customer service by reducing support volumes and increasing customer satisfaction. Built with OpenAI technology, LiveChatAI can learn directly from

Law School AI

Law School AI is a tool developed to aid law students in learning legal concepts and principles. It features an AI-powered chatbot that simplifies complex legal topics, delivers personalized study