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  • Google Just Released Gemma

  • Microsoft’s AI Server Gear

  • Adobe Acrobat adds AI

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Google Just Released Gemma


Google has launched Gemma, a new series of advanced AI models tailored for both research and commercial use, available in 2B and 7B sizes. These models, known for their superior performance and benchmark achievements, utilize a dense decoder-only architecture, aligning with Google’s Gemini and PaLM developments.

Key Points:

  • Designed for broad use, highly adaptable.

  • Extensive support via Colab, Kaggle, Hugging Face, MaxText, and Nvidia NeMo.

  • Includes responsible AI tools and guidelines.


Gemma models stand out for their exceptional capability and Google’s commitment to advancing AI responsibly, providing a global resource for enhancing AI integration and application development.

Microsoft’s AI Server Gear


REUTERS/Dado Ruvic



Microsoft is advancing its AI technology frontier by creating a new network card to boost its Maia AI server chip’s performance, aiming to lessen its dependence on Nvidia. This card, mirroring Nvidia’s ConnectX-7, is expected to take over a year to develop. It promises to make AI model training on Microsoft servers faster and more cost-effective, particularly for OpenAI.

Key Points:

  • Microsoft develops a network card comparable to Nvidia’s ConnectX-7 to enhance AI server efficiency.

  • Pradeep Sindhu, a networking pioneer, leads Microsoft’s shift towards technological self-sufficiency.

  • Potential reduction in AI model training time and costs, benefiting OpenAI.

  • Microsoft’s initiative could reshape AI market dynamics and challenge Nvidia’s dominance.


This strategic move by Microsoft underscores a significant shift towards autonomy in AI technology, potentially altering the competitive landscape and setting new industry standards for efficiency and self-reliance.

Adobe Acrobat adds AI





Adobe unveils a beta AI Assistant for Acrobat PDF software, enabling users to interact with documents through a conversational engine.

Key Points:

  • This feature allows for summarizing files, answering questions, and providing recommendations, compatible with various document formats like Word and PowerPoint.

  • Designed with Adobe’s data security protocols, the AI Assistant does not store or use customer document data for training.

  • Free to Acrobat Standard, Pro, and Teams subscribers in beta; specialized subscription planned post-beta.


Adobe’s AI Assistant represents a significant leap in document management, offering an interactive, secure, and more efficient way to access and manage information in PDFs and other documents. This innovation underscores Adobe’s commitment to improving user experience and data security in the digital document space.



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