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  • Gemini Stops Generating People

  • Altman’s Hidden Reddit Stock

  • Stability AI Introduces Stable Diffusion 3

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Gemini Stops Generating People


Google pauses Gemini AI’s feature that generates images of people, responding to criticisms about historical inaccuracies and bias. The move aims to address concerns over misrepresented scenes and the perpetuation of stereotypes due to flawed AI training data.

Key Points:

  • Criticism arose as Gemini inaccurately depicted historical scenes, sparking debates on bias and stereotypes in AI imagery.

  • Google seeks to refine Gemini’s algorithms for more accurate, sensitive portrayals across diverse backgrounds.

  • The halt reflects Google’s effort to tackle AI bias, emphasizing ethical AI development and responsible innovation.


Google’s decision highlights the tech industry’s challenge in balancing innovation with ethical standards. It underscores the need for AI that respects diversity and historical accuracy, initiating broader discussions on AI ethics and the role of tech firms in promoting responsible AI use.

Altman’s Hidden Reddit Stock


In a revelation from Reddit’s IPO filing, OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman emerges as one of the platform’s largest shareholders. Altman-affiliated entities own 8.7% of Reddit’s shares, making him the third-largest shareholder. This ownership includes 789,456 Class A shares and a substantial 11.4 million Class B shares. Leading the shareholder list are Advance Publications and Tencent, with Altman’s investment highlighting his keen interest in AI, aligning with Reddit’s AI-focused growth strategy.

Key Points:

  • Altman holds a significant portion of Reddit’s shares, underscoring his influential role in the tech and AI sectors.

  • Reddit’s AI ambitions are evident, with a $203 million data licensing deal poised to enhance large language model training.

  • The platform’s IPO strategy is unique, rewarding top users with shares and facilitating individual investments via apps like Robinhood. Reddit will trade on the NYSE under “RDDT.”


Sam Altman’s substantial investment in Reddit not only cements his status as a pivotal figure in the intersection of AI and social media but also signals Reddit’s ambitious AI expansion plans. The IPO’s innovative approach further exemplifies the evolving landscape of public tech offerings, emphasizing community and accessibility in the investment process.

Stability AI Introduces Stable Diffusion 3


Stability AI introduces Stable Diffusion 3, enhancing image quality, multi-subject generation, and in-image text clarity.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes a cutting-edge transformer architecture for superior performance.

  • Offers models with 800M to 8B parameters for varied needs.

  • Advances in text rendering allow for precise full sentences in images.

  • Available via early preview on a waitlist basis.


This marks a significant leap for open-source AI, showcasing its competitiveness with industry leaders by advancing image and text generation capabilities.


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