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  • GenAI could make KYC effectively useless

  • Pika 1.0 is officially available to everyone!

  • How AI and high-performance computing are speeding up scientific discovery

  • The Future is ALL ON: CES 2024 Opens, Showcasing the Latest Innovations in AI, Sustainability and Mobility

  • AI-powered mobile device that operates without apps


GenAI could make KYC effectively useless


The rise of AI tools, especially Stable Diffusion, has introduced new security risks, enabling attackers to manipulate selfies and create fake ID images. These sophisticated fakes can potentially deceive KYC (Know Your Customer) verification processes.


This situation marks a significant shift in digital security dynamics. The ability to generate artificial images in various settings and modify them to include convincing fake IDs poses a serious challenge to existing identity verification methods. It underscores the need for advanced security solutions to keep pace with rapidly evolving AI technologies.

Pika 1.0 is officially available to everyone!


The wait(list) is over. Pika 1.0 is officially available to everyone!  

Create your video on command at http://pika.art

Just a year ago, turning words into videos seemed like science fiction, but AI video models now create quality short videos in seconds.

📽 Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting your AI-generated video right away:

1️⃣ Go to Pika’s website https://pika.art/

2️⃣ Log in with your Gmail account or create a new account.

3️⃣ Describe what you want to create in a text prompt.

4️⃣ Pika will take a few seconds to process your video.

5️⃣ You can download, edit or upscale your video easily.

For the example above, the following prompt was used: ‘A happy man who achieved his goal.

Good luck!

How AI and high-performance computing are speeding up scientific discovery


Microsoft and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory utilized AI to rapidly discover a new battery material, potentially cutting lithium use by 70%. In an unprecedentedly quick process, AI reduced over 32 million candidates to 18 in less than a week, a task that previously took years. Further analysis identified 23 viable materials, including 5 already known.


This breakthrough demonstrates AI’s potential to significantly speed up scientific discovery, impacting energy, climate, and health sectors. As computing power grows, AI’s role in accelerating innovation and addressing critical challenges is expected to expand dramatically.

The Future is ALL ON: CES 2024 Opens, Showcasing the Latest Innovations in AI, Sustainability and Mobility


CES 2024 is currently taking place in Las Vegas, showcasing a multitude of new AI products and innovations at the world’s biggest consumer technology exhibition.

Some notable highlights from the first two days of CES 2024:

Samsung’s smart robot vacuum now features AI for enhanced stain detection and surface

Samsung’s Ballie, a spherical robot assistant, performs household tasks and includes a projector for videos and calls.

Baracuda’s smart mirror leverages AI and natural language processing for mood-responsive features like light therapy and meditations.

LG introduced Rosie, a charming AI home robot designed to assist with chores and integrate with LG’s smart appliances.

Tack One’s Location Tracker for Children and Seniors – Singapore-based startup unveiled a new generation of AI-powered GPS devices designed for safety tracking​​.

AI-powered mobile device that operates without apps


Rabbit has unveiled its new AI-powered r1 device, a significant leap in AI hardware. This device aims to replace traditional apps with a more intuitive, conversational user experience. Following Humane’s Ai Pin, Rabbit’s r1 stands out with its unique features.


R1’s design includes a touch screen, push-to-talk button, scroll wheel, microphones, speakers, and a rotating camera, equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi, and a SIM card slot. It simplifies tasks by integrating with apps like Spotify and Uber, handling complex tasks like trip planning and booking without multiple apps. Its AI-enabled camera offers innovative functions, such as generating recipes based on fridge contents or editing documents. Additionally, Rabbit is developing a “teach rabbit” feature, allowing users to customize the device’s tasks. Priced at $199 without a subscription, the r1 is available for preorder on Rabbit’s website, showcasing the evolving role of AI in everyday technology.



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