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 2024 is set to be an exciting year for AI and robotics. Let’s dive in..

In today’s Generative AI Newsletter:

  • Galaxy S24 AI Features

  • Olympiad Geometry Solved by AI

  • OpenAI Misinformation Strategy

  • Bonus: Top 5 Apps of the Day


Galaxy S24 AI Features


The Samsung Galaxy S24 series marks the beginning of a new AI-driven era in mobile technology, significantly enhancing user experiences.

Key Points:

  1. Intelligent Text and Call Translations: Overcoming language barriers, this feature facilitates seamless communication through advanced translation capabilities.

  2. ProVisual Engine: Enhances creative expression, particularly in photo and video editing.

  3. AI-Powered Search: Revolutionizes search functionality, offering a novel way for users to explore their surroundings.

  4. Google AI Integration: Incorporates Google’s cutting-edge Gemini models for enriched AI functionalities, improving apps like Google Messages and Android Auto.

  5. AI-Powered Photo Editing: Empowers users with AI tools for sophisticated photo editing, including removing reflections.

  6. Circle to Search: A unique feature enabling users to identify objects or locations in photos by circling them for instant search results.

  7. Chat Assist: Offers text message optimization by adjusting tone, translating, or conducting spell checks.

  8. Live Translate: Facilitates real-time translation in 13 languages during phone conversations.

  9. Transcript Assist: Aids in converting audio to text, though specific details are currently unspecified.


These AI advancements, driven by a synergy of onboard and cloud computing and powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, exemplify Samsung’s commitment to pioneering in the field of mobile AI.

Olympiad Geometry Solved by AI


Google DeepMind’s AlphaGeometry represents a major advance in AI, successfully tackling complex geometry problems from the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

Key Points:

IMO Problem Solving: AlphaGeometry solved 25 out of 30 IMO problems, rivaling a human gold medalist’s performance.

Hybrid Approach: It combines a neural language model for intuitive idea generation with a symbolic deduction engine for logical verification.

Training and Methodology: Trained on 100 million machine-generated proofs, it employs both symbolic and intuitive problem-solving strategies.

AI Reasoning Advancement: This achievement surpasses previous AI capabilities in geometry, showcasing significant progress in AI mathematical reasoning.


AlphaGeometry’s success in solving high-level geometry problems highlights a new era in AI’s problem-solving and reasoning skills, setting a precedent for future advancements in AI’s application in mathematics.

OpenAI Misinformation Strategy


OpenAI’s comprehensive strategy to combat misinformation, particularly in the context of elections, marks a significant advancement in responsible AI use.

Key Points:

  1. Model Construction and Access: Focusing on building fact-sensitive models and implementing stricter usage restrictions.

  2. Content Dissemination: Partnering with platforms to identify AI-generated content.

  3. Belief Formation: Developing more detectable models and enforcing “proof of personhood” for content posting.

  4. Digital Watermarking: Introducing watermarks in DALL-E generated images to trace AI origins.

  5. Partnerships: Collaborating with the National Association of Secretaries of State to disseminate accurate voting information.

  6. Impersonation Prevention: Planning to prevent the misuse of AI tools for creating deceptive chatbots.

  7. Provenance Classifier: Working on cryptographic methods to detect AI-generated images.

  8. Directing Voting Queries: Steering U.S. voting questions to CanIVote.org for reliable information.

  9. Policy Updates: Prohibiting the use of AI tools for political impersonation or misinformation.


This strategy by OpenAI signifies a proactive approach to ensuring the ethical use of AI, particularly in safeguarding democratic processes. It reflects a growing awareness of the need for responsible AI governance to counter misinformation effectively.


Top 5 Apps of the Week:

1️⃣ ChatGpt 2️⃣ Copilot 3️⃣ Runway 4️⃣ Synthesia 5️⃣ Notion 

This week in app updates:

Notion has introduced a new standalone calendar app with features like database item visualization, daily mobile views, Google account integration, and seamless syncing with Notion docs, aiming to enhance user experience and expand its ecosystem.

OpenAI has introduced the GPT Store for custom AI application development, enhancing both functionality and user experience.


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