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  • Bezos and Nvidia Partner with OpenAI to Invest in Humanoid Robot Startup

  • Microsoft Teams Up with Mistral for Second AI Collaboration

  • AI’s Instant Evolution: From Robot Design to What’s Next?

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Bezos and Nvidia Partner with OpenAI to Invest in Humanoid Robot Startup


Figure AI, a rising star in humanoid robotics, has just closed an impressive $675M funding round, drawing support from industry behemoths such as Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, Microsoft, and OpenAI.

Key Points:

  • The funding round saw significant contributions from Jeff Bezos ($100M), Microsoft ($95M), Nvidia ($50M), Intel ($25M), Samsung ($5M), among others, showcasing the broad interest in Figure AI’s vision.

  • Aimed at addressing labor shortages in repetitive or hazardous tasks, Figure AI’s technology is already making its way into practical applications, including a notable partnership with BMW for car manufacturing automation.

  • The new influx of capital brings Figure AI’s pre-money valuation to an estimated $2B, marking a significant milestone in its growth trajectory.


The collaboration of leading tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Nvidia, and OpenAI in supporting Figure AI underscores the escalating race to develop and deploy humanoid robots across industries. This investment signals a major leap forward in the adoption of robotics technology, promising to bring about transformative changes sooner than anticipated.

Microsoft Teams Up with Mistral for Second AI Collaboration


The Verge



Microsoft has forged a groundbreaking multiyear alliance with Mistral, a French AI innovator valued at €2 billion, marking a strategic expansion in its AI capabilities. This collaboration not only involves Microsoft acquiring a minority stake in Mistral but also positions Mistral as the second entity, following OpenAI, to integrate its commercial language models with Microsoft’s Azure AI platform.

Key Points:

  • Through this partnership, Mistral will offer both open and commercial language models on the Azure AI platform, enhancing the diversity and capabilities of AI services available through Microsoft.

  • This move is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to deepen its investment in AI, building on its monumental $10 billion engagement with OpenAI.

  • By incorporating Mistral’s advanced language models into Azure AI, Microsoft aims to accelerate the development and deployment of AI solutions, fostering innovation across various sectors.


Microsoft’s alliance with Mistral underscores its commitment to leading the AI revolution, leveraging strategic partnerships to broaden the scope of its AI ecosystem. This collaboration highlights Microsoft’s vision for the future of AI technologies, emphasizing the importance of accessible, advanced AI tools in driving technological advancement and addressing complex challenges across industries.

AI’s Instant Evolution: From Robot Design to What’s Next?


Sam Kriegman of Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering pioneers in robotics, creating a robot in just 26 seconds using AI and evolutionary algorithms.

Key Points:

  • The “insta-robot” can perform complex actions, like backward moonwalking, thanks to its AI-driven, flexible design.

  • Designed for versatility, it’s ideal for challenging environments, from search and rescue operations to medical and hazardous tasks.

  • This innovation drastically shortens the robot design process from months to seconds, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.


Kriegman’s work signifies a leap in robotics, making rapid design and broad application potential a reality. It promises a future where advanced robotics are more accessible and adaptable, marking a significant step towards democratizing the field.

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