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  • Bill Gates and Sam Altman Discuss AI in a Recent Conversation

  • OpenAI-Backed Humanoid Maker Gets $100 Million in EQT-Led Round

  • How AI Replaced the Metaverse as Zuckerberg’s Top Priority

  • TOP AI Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data!

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Bill Gates and Sam Altman Discuss AI in a Recent Conversation


In a notable podcast discussion, Bill Gates and Sam Altman delved into the substantial impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various sectors of society.

Gates expressed astonishment at AI’s swift progress, particularly in technologies like ChatGPT, highlighting their unexpected capabilities and complex decision-making.

Altman proposed the idea of establishing a regulatory body for AI, akin to the International Atomic Energy Agency, to oversee the burgeoning power of advanced AI systems. He cautioned about AI’s potential influence on global society and politics.


This conversation highlights the growing influence of AI on societal structures and global dynamics.

The proposal for AI regulation underscores the urgency to balance technological advancement with ethical governance. Gates and Altman’s perspective on AI as a vehicle for global peace and societal harmony points to the technology’s potential as a positive force.

Their insights stress the importance of directing AI development responsibly, ensuring it aligns with humanity’s best interests and addresses complex global challenges.

OpenAI-Backed Humanoid Maker Gets $100 Million in EQT-Led Round


1X Technologies, a Norwegian AI robotics startup, has successfully raised $100 million in new funding. This significant financial milestone sets the stage for their consumer robot, designed for home use, to be launched in the near future.

The company had previously raised $23.5 million in a Series A round last March, led by OpenAI Startup Fund I LP. 1X Technologies is known for its first android, EVE, a two-wheeled model functioning in factories and security patrol roles.

The forthcoming NEO model, an advancement over EVE, is engineered to mimic human walking and movement, aimed at assisting with household chores.


The development and impending release of 1X Technologies’ humanoid robots highlight a significant shift in the role of AI and robotics in everyday life. As the field attracts more investment and public interest, the integration of such advanced robotics into domestic settings signals a major step forward in the AI revolution.

This progression is set to transform not just home environments but potentially the workplace as well, underscoring the rapidly evolving relationship between humans and intelligent machines.

How AI Replaced the Metaverse as Zuckerberg’s Top Priority


Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly shifted Meta’s focus to AI, moving away from his initial metaverse strategy due to lackluster results.

Meta’s AI development, originally supporting the metaverse, is now pivoting towards generative AI, inspired by the success of ChatGPT.

Despite significant advancements like LLaMA-2, PyTorch, and AudioBox, Meta has faced challenges in delivering consumer-facing AI products.

This strategic shift has reportedly caused discontent among employees, affecting morale due to the rapid change in priorities and competition for resources.

Meta’s current AI strategy aims to increase user engagement with its apps, focusing on business utility rather than creating consumer AI products.


Meta’s decision to focus on AI signifies a strategic recalibration in response to the evolving tech landscape.

This move, while drawing criticism for the initial metaverse and VR direction, positions Meta as a key player in the AI field.

The company’s contributions and open-source initiatives in AI research demonstrate its potential impact, despite the absence of consumer products.

This shift underlines the increasing importance of AI in tech development and business strategy, reflecting the sector’s dynamic nature and the necessity for adaptability in technological pursuits.

TOP AI Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data!

AI, once a sci-fi fantasy, is now a reality transforming sectors like healthcare with predictive analytics and finance with fraud detection.

This shift goes beyond technology; it’s a new approach to problem-solving.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the most popular AI-related terms and models.

Source: Big Data Heaven

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