<AI Evolution and Trademark Challenges

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Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

 2024 is set to be an exciting year for AI and robotics. Let’s dive in..

In today’s Generative AI Newsletter:

  • Bard becomes Gemini

  • Find, Create and Get Things Done Faster with Microsoft Copilot

  • OpenAI’s GPT Trademark Denied

  • Bonus: Top 5 AI Tools💡

Bard becomes Gemini


Google rebrands Bard as Gemini, introduces a mobile app, and unveils Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0.

Key Points:

  • The rollout begins on February 8th in the US and will expand worldwide the following week.

  • Integration with Google Workspace and availability under AI Premium Plan at $19.99/month.

  • It is available on the web and on mobile through a new app in the Play Store, as well as the Google app on iOS.


This evolution marks a significant step in Google’s AI development, offering sophisticated tools for complex tasks and detailed conversations, aiming to improve global accessibility and user experience with advanced AI functionalities.

Find, Create and Get Things Done Faster with Microsoft Copilot


Microsoft unveils enhanced Copilot, elevating AI-powered creativity.

Key Points:

  • Copilot’s new update features a sleek interface and advanced image creation tools.

  • Over 10 billion combined chats and images highlight its widespread adoption.

  • The introduction of Designer GPT within Copilot facilitates immersive idea visualization.


This development highlights Microsoft’s dedication to democratizing AI, showcasing its potential to transform everyday creativity and productivity, aligning with their mission to empower every individual and organization globally.

OpenAI’s GPT Trademark Denied



OpenAI Faces Setback in Trademarking “GPT”.

Key Points:

  • The USPTO has denied OpenAI’s application to trademark “GPT,” citing its generic nature.

  • OpenAI has options to appeal the decision within three months or seek an extension.

  • Despite the setback, OpenAI holds rights over its language models but seeks broader protection.

  • The decision sparks debate on competition and innovation in AI, highlighting the impact of trademarking on industry growth.


This event underscores the challenges in securing trademarks for technologies that are foundational to an industry, reflecting on the delicate balance between intellectual property rights and fostering innovation.


1️⃣ Lumen5

2️⃣ Canva

3️⃣ DALL·E 2 

4️⃣ Murf AI 

5️⃣ Asana 


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